Saturday, 19 March 2011

Investment Tools

Linking your account(s) to your goals allows you to create a savings plan towards your long-term and short-term goals. It will then track and chart your progress so that you can make sure your investments are on track with meeting your goals.

Review your current portfolio to see how your portfolios are diversified by asset class (cash, equities, etc.), geographic region, sector (such as energy or telecom) and holdings concentration. You can also view the risk vs. return qualities of your portfolios.

Compare a portfolio that you have linked to your goal against a standard investor profile or index to see if your asset allocation and risk vs. return are in line with your investment objectives.

See how changing your holdings using your own sample transactions affects your portfolio before you decide to buy or sell in the market. You can act on the ideas you generate, test them out in your Practice Account or save them for future reference.

Review your investment plan’s rate of return under various market conditions to ensure that you're on track to reaching your investment goals. Using the Performance Tool, you can evaluate your portfolio's rate of return and compare your portfolio's performance against various benchmarks—including indices or a chosen rate of return.

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